Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering


Admission Profile

The double degree is aimed at students interested in both the fields of mechanical engineering and energy and sustainability engineering. These interests include, but are not limited to, design and manufacture of mechanical systems, development and management of energy systems, design of energy facilities, sustainable construction, etc. The double degree student in Mechanical Engineering and Energy and Sustainability Engineering will require a good scientific-technical base and high work capacity. The activities and subjects framed in the curriculum will facilitate the achievement by the student of an integrated vision of the knowledge and skills of the two degrees.

To access undergraduate studies at Catalan public universities, you must pre-enroll on the dates that are announced, choosing your study preferences and submitting the required documentation.

You can find more information about pre-registration on the page of the Guidance Office for Access to the University of the Generalitat of Catalonia, which is the one who manages access to the entire public university system.

The number of places offered in this double degree is 10.

Entrance pathways

To gain admission to bachelor’s degree courses at Catalan public universities applicants must pre-enrol on the announced dates choosing a preferable course and submitting required documentation.

From the 2018-2019 academic year, students who want to study this or another from industrial engineering, make pre-enrollment, and they are assigned, to a single entry, common to all these degrees. More information can be found on this link.

More information about the pre-enrolment can be found on the Catalan University Admission Advisory Office webpage (l’Oficina d’Orientació per a l’Accés a la Universitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya), which is responsible for the admission processes of all Catalan public universities.

Entrance pathways to the bachelor’s degrees:


  • Upper secondary studies + PAU or COU + PAU. You can gain admission to any bachelor’s degree course, regardless of the chosen upper secondary studies option. To compute the admission mark, the two qualifications of the subjects passed to the specific phase will be chosen which, once weighted, give the highest marks. The parameters of weighting of the subjects of the bachelor's type assigned to the branches of knowledge of degrees, which will be applied for access to the university, can be consulted in this link. You can find here information about the access cut-off marks from previous courses.
  • Higher Level Education Cycle (CFGS). Holders of a CFGS qualification may enter any bachelor’s degree course without taking any entry examinations. Admission mark is the average grade of the passed subjects. In the case of some CFGS qualifications certain credits may be validated. You can check which bachelor’s degree subjects are recognized here

Another university

You can enter a bachelor’s degree course with any university degree: the entrance mark is the average grade of the passed subjects


  • Students over the age of 25. Those who are over 25 may enter university after passing the university entrance examination. This examination is the same for all universities in Catalonia.
  • Students over the age of 45. Students who are over 45 may enter university after passing the university entrance examination for people over 45. This examination is the same for all universities in Catalonia.
  • Students over the age of 40 with accredited experience. Anyone over 40 who can demonstrate having accredited working or professional experience related with the chosen bachelor’s degree can be admitted to university even if they do not have any academic qualification which would enable them to enter university along other pathways. You can find more information here.


You can do it in two different ways

  • University pre-enrolment. Ordinary admission through university pre-enrolment. Once you have been admitted, you can find more information on the proceeding here.
  • Passed subjects with teaching loads and programmes equivalent to ours may be recognized. You can find more information here. You may ask for the recognition of the credits you achieved in your original qualification. If at least your entire first year of the course is recognized, you can be admitted without pre-enrolling. If it is not recognized completely, you must officially pre-enrol to the university. More information on the proceeding and dates can be found here.

Unless your complete first year of the course is recognized, you must complete a university pre-inscription to be admitted to any of the above-mentioned cases.


To be admitted to a university degree course foreign applicants must keep in mind that admission procedures depend on their previous academic background and the course of studies they are interested in pursuing at the UdL. More information about these requirements can be found here.